Who we are

Our services include a free private in-home consultation to determine each client's personalized needs.



John and Bonnie

Originally, you were referred to us by a friend and we must admit, we were somewhat skeptical as to any potential positive results. We must say that we have discovered that you have the ability to “turn silver into gold”! Downsizing and moving into a new home was made a lot easier and more importantly, more profitable after you worked your “Magic”. Your courteousness and that of your staff as well as the attention to detail that you exhibited is a rare quality in today’s world. We were also very impressed and reassured to see how much respect you displayed for our home and the contents that were not being sold. All in all, we are very pleased and wished we would have had your telephone number a long time ago

We have worked with many families throughout the Atlanta area and have a great understanding and compassion on the difficulty of parting with your cherished treasures


We take the stress out of the overwhelming task of parting with your cherished treasures and offer you the most courteous and informative methods of selling your items.



We handle the whole estate sale process, which includes set-up, determining the value and pricing of merchandise, conducting the sale, and provide recommendations for the items left over.

We are dependable, honest and also offer the most comprehensive services in the Atlanta area.


Why use Classic Collectibles?

Classic Collectibles is an Estate and Moving liquidation service which provides an easy transition for individuals and families who are moving, downsizing, selling a home or handling a loved one's estate.